community ministries

Everyone's Wilson

Everyone’s Wilson is a coalition of churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits who work together for the good of every neighbor and the transformation of our community. In particular we partner with through their School Partnership to fill volunteer needs at Jones Brummett.

Visit the Community Resources page for information on many of the program areas.

Jones Brummett Partnership

We are excited to be chosen to partner with Jones Brummett Elementary, Lebanon’s newest and biggest school!  They have over 650 students and 75 faculty and staff!

What an awesome treat it is to be able to influence the lives of these precious children – many of whom are living in poverty.  They all need our prayer, love, and support, even if their needs don’t show on the outside!

Click here for more details!

If you would like to help, contact the church office (615-444-3330) for more information.

Compassionate Hands

Our partner ministry, Compassionate Hands, will start spring shelter activities on April 3. The center will be open on Monday's and Friday's from 10 AM - 4 PM to serve lunch and provide shower and laundry services.

Contact Nora Chambers or call the church office (615-444-3330) for more information.