PRAY FIRST: 90 Days of Praying Together

PRAY FIRST: 90 Days of Praying Together

May 7 - August 4

What is God Saying?

Much of what we are hearing is still a "whisper" but one word continues to resonate . PRAY!  This is why we are calling the church to PRAY FIRST  


PRAY FIRST is a call to make prayer a priority in our lives and in our church.

How will PRAY FIRST Work?  

For the next three months we will come and go, together, in active and agreeing prayer. We will come together to pray in large gatherings and small groups. We will go together to pray in, for and with our community.

Come Together to Pray

  • Come together with your FAMILY to pray.
  • Incorporate prayer into family life.
  • Plan a special prayer experience.

  • Come together with your CHURCH to pray.
  • Sunday Mornings (8:30 in Fellowship Hall, 9:15 in Sunday School classes)
  • PRAY FIRST Assemblies (May 7 and June 25 at 4 PM)

  • Come together with a GROUP to pray.
  • Sunday School Class / D-Groups
  • Ministry Team
  • Open Prayer Groups (short-term and ongoing)
  • Strategic Prayer Groups (Prodigals, etc.)

What will we pray about?

  • Weekly Focus
  • Sunday: Weekly Focus
  • Monday: Our Need for God
  • Tuesday: Our Need for One Another
  • Wednesday: Our Children and Families
  • Thursday: Our Community
  • Fridays: Our Mission
  • Saturdays: Our Church

  • Adopt a Focus
  • Adopt a Person - pray for/with someone.
  • Adopt a Partner - cover a ministry partner in prayer.
  • Adopt a Project - give prayer support to VBS/Camp, etc.
  • Adopt a Pastor - pray for/with one of our pastors or staff members  

Go Together to Pray

  • Pop the Question: How Can We Pray for You?

  • Pray as you go.
  • Pray for those you are already serving.
  • Pray at the local park, concerts, sporting events, etc.

  • Make a plan
  • Pray on-sight with a community partner.
  • Pray for others while meeting a practical need.
  • Prayer walk in a neighborhood or another location.