HEAR the Word Together in 2023!


We are excited for the possibilities of spiritual growth individually, as families and as a church in 2023 through our HEAR The Word Together in 2023 challenge!  

The basics...

READ - Read through the Bible (1-2 chapters a day, 6 days a week) using the Read the Bible for Life Chronological Bible Reading Plan. Printed guides are available at church or you can use the online YouVersion option as well. This is the bread and butter, but we encourage you to consider the following beneficial disciplines as well.

HEAR - Reflect on what you’re reading with a simple journaling approach called HEAR. See a sample HEAR journal. Speaking of hearing, Pastor David will also plan his preaching schedule around the reading plan!

MEMORIZE - Hide God’s Word in your heart by memorizing one provided verse each week. Tip - Download this Scripture memory app to both help learn and review verses through the year: biblememory.com.

TOGETHER - Let’s do this together! We want to go out of our way to provide opportunities - in person or by phone, Zoom, etc. - to connect to one another and grow together. The Read the Bible for Life Chronological Bible Reading Plan is a helpful rallying point to simply share together what you are HEAR’ing in God’s Word each week. These connections could start at any time during the year! Together options include...

 -Partners - Link up with a friend or two. 

-Sunday School - Five of our adult Sunday School classes will be following the reading plan this year with weekly lessons coming from the Reader’s Guide to the Bible workbook that corresponds to our Bible reading plan. Workbooks are available in aforementioned classes. 

 -D-Groups - Meet up in "life-on-life" discipleship groups of 3-5 men or women with a tried-and-true group format.

-Families - Go through the challenge together with your spouse and/or children. 

Need help?

We want to encourage and equip you in this as best possible in the months ahead as well as assist you in connecting to others if you wish. Contact Benji Thomas for more information.