The Parents' Day Out Program of First Baptist Church is a non-profit early childhood education program established in 1989 as a ministry to our church members and the local community. It is a weekly two day (Monday and Thursday) program open to children ages one through four. Enrollment is open to any child in the community with priority for registration given to First Baptist Church members.

The Parents' Day Out Program is an outreach of First Baptist Church and is a part of the church's ministry to the community. The church would like to offer support to parents and a church home to those families who do not have one.

The purpose of the Parents' Day Out Program is to provide a warm, loving, Christian atmosphere where children can develop mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Under the guidance of our teachers, each child is encouraged to develop his unique individuality while learning to work and play in a group situation. He/she will learn to accept the differences in individuals without regard to
nationality, gender, race, or religious background.